Seven Things to Look Forward to Now That Summer is Over


1) Sweater Weather-

Although tank tops, shorts, and sandals may exceptionally comfortable, there’s something about that cozy over sized sweater of yours that you seem to yearn for when winter is approaching. Plus, ladies, need I mention the snuggly UGG boots?

2) No more Mr. Mosquito-

Mosquitoes are probably the number one downside to summer. They’re a nuisance when you’re out at night, when you’re trying to sleep, and everything in-between. The irritation, the itchiness, and bleeding are all reasons to want these blood sucking buggers to go extinct.


3) Warm Drinks-

Out with the ice coffee and frappes, and in with the hot cocoa and tea! Warm drinks are the cherry on top when it comes to a chilly fall day.


4) Fuzzy Blankets-

The air conditioner can seem life saving during the sweltering heat, but your favorite blanket can do just the same when the air takes a cold turn. Just roll it all the way up to your chest, smile like an idiot, and let drowsiness crash over you.


5) No more sweating (aka, no more fear of smelling bad)-

Nobody likes sweating, period. It makes look almost as bad as it makes you feel.  Even if you’re the type of person who prefers warm weather to cold weather, I’m pretty sure no one would rather sweat like a pig than shiver for a bit. Sometimes our air conditioners malfunction, fans stop working, and there’s absolutely no way to stay cool. Shivering on the other hand can be resolved with that sweater and blanket of yours!


6) Eid Break-

One of the many perks of going to an American School that also celebrates Egyptian holidays. Eid is a nice week off from that first month back to school, when the assignments haven’t yet become overwhelming. I mean, we’ve only been back in school for four weeks, and summer was about twelve weeks; we’re still a bit nostalgic here.


7) Fires-

I don’t mean fires that ruin everything terrestrial, I mean the kind that make you feel so in the moment. Whether you’re snuggled up against a fireplace or a bonfire, maintained fires are sure to keep you warm, calm, and heat your food just right (S’mores and hotdogs for the win).


By: Amy El-Zayaty