Words are powerful. The pen has boundlessly been mightier than the sword. I’ve always had an interest in them, endlessly intrigued by their undying effect on us. How can numbered syllables have such an influence on you? Sending shivers down your spine and managing to get your shoulders feeling weak. Behind every word, a meaning. A universal one that sends a message. A message that can empower me, free me, infatuate me, intrigue me, or hurt me. I’ve never been in love but I do know that being in love means being vulnerable. I have a love for words and that’s what gives them all the power to hurt me. Our dependence on words is what makes us so vulnerable. It feels good when you’re praised and it feels good when you’re being told things that make you feel special. As good as they can make you feel, they can hurt you twice as much. But it’s all talk. At the end of the day, they’re just syllables.

The tragedy behind words is that sometimes they’re lies. Sometimes you have to overthink and look for the hidden meanings that aren’t listed in the dictionary. They’ll fool you, you’ll fall in love with their words, and they’ll proceed in hurting you. That’s what society does. It’s all about how you present yourself and what better way to do that than by creating a beautiful façade of lies. Words are like people though; they can’t affect you unless you give them the power to affect you.

I guess it’s when we’re praised and complimented, we feel the most wanted and I guess humans have this endless need to feel that way. Problem is, some of us don’t actually mean what we say. Sometimes we lie. Some of us also tend to believe everything good that comes our way as well as anything bad because we’re simply trying to confirm what we already know. But once you realize the lies behind what people tell you, you’ll tend to feel apathetic to what they think of you. Its good in the long run but it takes a long time to truly achieve apathy considering that there’s always a little part of you that wants to feel accepted, wanted, and loved.