Month: October 2014

Is It Getting Hot in Here?

getting hot

Global Warming has become eminent among all global issues. What differentiates this issue from all others is that rather than affecting only certain zones on the globe, it affects us all. Every country one way or another is affected by this ever growing dilemma. Water shortages in Africa, heat waves across Europe, droughts throughout America,..

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Riptide We’re a riptide I’m lost at sea He’s got his grip I can’t break free We’re sinking ships We’re dragged down Because when we’re together We can only drown Although the seas may protest Of this unrighteous collision; We only ignore it It’s reckless decision He was Venus And I was Mars We’re destined..

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The Social Gadfly


A social gadfly is a member of society who constantly questions the status quo, and causes people to doubt their own beliefs. It is a person who vehemently searches for truth and is seen often as more of a pain than a beneficial member of society. The term is most commonly known for being used..

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What is Bullying?


Bullying, Is defined as Brutal, Unearthly actions that Lures innocent Lads into experiencing a lamentable Youth that is filled with Intolerable, Nauseating, and Ghastly feelings. Raise your orange Card and Show your support Not only in October, but Throughout your life. Just like how There is no end to bullying, There is no end to..

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