Nothing can make anyone happier than a vacation at last. As a former AISE student for the past seven years I can probably tell you that work is something in our blood. Yes, if you’re in AISE the word “work” is an understatement of what you actually do and for that reason a vacation is complete heaven to all of us. Not only do the students get to enjoy this heavenly break, but the teachers who work just as much as we do also get to enjoy this week. Well the day has come, and we can all finally enjoy a sweet taste of heaven.

eid break

So where will our fellow students be going to this Eid? As we all probably know Egypt is full of wonderful resorts that get us all fantasized; So will you be going on a road trip with your friends to Gouna, enjoying the sparkly beach, the shiny sun, the flawless yachts, the “toktoks”, the place where all the people you’ve been hearing on instagram meet? Or will you be going to Sokhna with your closest friends, also enjoying the beach, the sun, the enthusiasm. Will you be taking a relaxing let alone trip to Sahl Hasheesh thinking of your future, or even better getting away from all the drama; or will you travel and have a variety of new and marvellous adventures. All sound immense and super relaxing for our AIS brains to take a rest for a week.


Other then actually taking a break from all the hard work, what do you plan to actually work on this week? Think about it, you obviously have a week where eight hours are given back too you each day. Think of using this week to not only relax and have fun, but to change. By change I mean something more than just looks or clothes or whatever you have might have in mind, but think about your grades, your personality, basically anything that can change to the better. In this week, you can organize all of your work, think of your future, and still have a great time with all your loved ones. You can also think of something you’ve always wanted to change within yourself or personality and actually have the chance to, since you won’t be forced to see anyone for a whole week. Do not waste these seven days AISE’rs and I hope you all have a remarkable Eid and an amazing fresh new start to a new year.