Good Vibes

Everyday has 24 hours. That’s about 1440 minutes, and about 86400 in seconds. If you ask me, that’s a lot of time. You see, people have this tendency to waste their time, and I’m not talking about whether they’re doing something productive with their life or not. No, that’s not the point of this article. I’m talking about the way they think and how they think it. People waste their time investing in wrong kind of thoughts.

They’re called vibes. Vibes have this power of attraction, and humans control that power with their minds. So where am I going with this? Well, it’s simple. You’re having a terrible day, failed a test, fight with your friends, that significant someone is being significantly annoying etc. So you’re obviously in a bad mood, and your day goes downhill from there. Ever wonder why when you say, “Can it get any worse?” and it actually does? Well, it’s simple. You attracted it.

    Your thoughts control your day. The power of attraction is universal; it’s available in Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Negative thoughts attract negative outcomes, negative outcomes create negative people, and negative people attract more negative people. So how do you break this seemingly endless cycle? This will sound cliché, but by thinking positively. Which takes us back to the power of attraction: if you think positively, you’ll attract positive outcomes; positive outcomes create positive people, and positive people attract more positive people. I’m not saying you’ll never have a bad day, but I’m saying it won’t get any worse, if you stop thinking it could.

    “Good people bring out the good in people.” –anonymous. Surrounding yourself with positive people will not just change your mood, but it will change your overall lifestyle. Who can stand a pessimist who can’t find anything but the bad side of things to look at? You’ll soon find yourself as pessimistic as that person. Good vibes aren’t given to you, you create them. If you’re heartbroken, don’t feed your heartache with sappy songs about love, and start mending it instead. If you’re angry, don’t grow a grudge and start letting go. If you’re negative, stop depleting your thoughts, and change them. It’s simple as it can get; no one in this world has the power to control your happiness but yourself. You create your own thoughts, then your own vibes, and finally your own outcome. So how does it feel to have the power to your happiness within the boundaries of your own mind? As a wise Tumblr post once said, “good vibes attract good lives.”

By Hana Sabah