The Reality When it Comes to Beauty Pageants: Dear Miss Egypt Contestants456a736d-f3b1-4f91-9617-1f98e6e7c292

Be sure to “Walk the Walk” and “Talk the talk”, cause if you don’t – you just happen to humiliate yourself (and nobody wants that).

When I think of Beauty Pageants I don’t necessarily think of pretty faces and good bodies. I think of a modern role model, not just for me, but for a nation.  She is a representative for an entire country, which means her pretty face won’t get her as far as her smart mouth. It’s a chance for women to rise above their vulnerable attributes and turn it into their strength.

It’s not commonly understood how much politics is placed into a beauty pageant, because what we, as viewers, only see – is pretty girls doing catwalks in pretty gowns and bathing suits. But in fact, beauty queens are more importantly assessed on other criteria like umm.. perhaps INTELLIGENCE, ETHICAL and MORAL PERCEPTION.


What I saw last week on television is not something I plan on ever observing  again.  So here is an open-heart letter to the Miss Egypt Beauty Contestants,


Dear Miss Egypt Beauty Contestants,

First, I’d like to thank you for your participation in this Beauty Pageant, cause without you my late Friday nights would never have been oh-so entertaining. I do not wish to mock you, but praise you. Because you are a woman of great attributes and heritage, you are AN EGYPTIAN WOMAN. And unfortunately darlings, your blood and passport isn’t enough proof of that. An Egyptian Woman, is a woman of great strength and charisma. She is a woman who can silence a crowd by her wit and intelligence. She, is a woman who can speak her to her people as if they were her children. And that my ladies, is my problem with you all. How can you represent your country if you cannot speak its language? How can you flatter your country if all you know of it is it’s ugly past? Why can’t you tell me something that you did not memorise  off of some rubbish piece of paper? WHERE IS THE LOVE AND PASSION FOR YOUR NATION?

And by biggest question of all is, why do I not see this love through your beauty?

I’m in awe, because I can no longer excuse this country for any less than it is. I love this country too much to watch it being miss-led by a wrongful conviction.

So with all due respect my ladies, but next time you decide to join a beauty pageant – remember that you are representing THE GREATEST KIND OF A WOMAN in your country. Because after all… you are an Egyptian woman.


Sincerely Yours,

An Egyptian Woman