i was dying_____1 People are always occupied with what is wrong in their lives or what will happen in the next section of their lives, when they’re not living or enjoying the present. One of the key characteristics for ensuring one’s happiness is to understand that even though, one’s life may revolve around negativity and hatred. However, it is only up the person to make use of his/her life. That revolves around the person’s responsibility and motive; no one will make your life worthwhile more than you. My utmost favorite quote is mentioned above, as it truly demonstrates the purpose of life and the way in which one is ought to live it. We, as humans, tend to always negatively view the bad side of things and blindly surpass what we make us fortunate.

It is our human nature to constantly portray things negatively and believe that those negative aspects in our life and inevitable, always dreaming of the next stage of our lives. Being excited for a new and advanced stage in one’s life is truly aspiring and highly encouraged, however, when one is always bickering about the current phases in their life, without understanding the beauty behind them there is an issue. The issue may seem personal, however, it does increase hostility, envy, suicide and negativity. Therefore, it is ought to encourage people to always enjoy the present and to remember that there’ll be a time where one wishes to have appreciated her/his life.

By Suzanna Hanafy