Now, to begin with, I like to call myself a feminist. I believe that as a female, I have the same capabilities as men. I believe that the equality of the sexes is essential, why? Because that’s what it means to be a feminist. We’re not man-hating. Now, yes, men and women are different but diversity does not indicate the weakness of a certain side. Now, do I think women are superior to men? Yea, pretty much. Just kidding, just kidding. I just think we’re equal. The fact that we have to have a movement for feminism is quite saddening. Why is it that I need a movement to validate my importance and strength and you don’t? Why is it that I need to constantly debate this? Not really fair, is it?

I mean, it could be the other way around, where men are the one’s being persecuted. Imagine, for example, if we lived in a world where men were slut-shamed and objectified or defined by their “purity”. You’d definitely have a lot of angry men. I’m not saying men are never objectified or slut-shamed, but what I’m saying is that it isn’t a global norm for men to be objectified and slut-shamed like it is for women.

How about men that are intimidated by the feminist movement? Well, I always like to think that if you’re intimidated by someone or something, then you’re not very comfortable in your own skin. So, to those men out there, are you not comfortable being a man? Because here’s the thing, no uterus, no opinion.

How about the men and women who are afraid to call themselves feminists? Well, I can’t really relate ‘cause I don’t see a problem with understanding that you’re equal to the opposite sex. But I can see why, we, as feminists, have very interesting reps. Apparently, we hate men. But no, we hate sexist men. We hate men that don’t respect our independence and strength and beliefs. We hate men that think we’re sexual objects. We hate men that think we’re inferior. We hate men that abuse. We hate men that disrespect. We hate men that think we were asking for it. We hate men that don’t understand why it’s important to be a feminist. We hate men that are not men. Because, in my opinion, a man is a man who doesn’t feel the need to put down the other sex to feel significant.

What about the women afraid to call themselves feminists? Okay, so I get it, it’s not attractive to some men when you’re hoping for the empowerment of your own sex. But so what? So he doesn’t think it’s attractive that you’re a feminist. You should think it’s unattractive that he’s not. Because think about it; if he doesn’t appreciate the fact that you’re a feminist, then he probably isn’t the one. If he doesn’t understand that you’re equal, then how do you expect your relationship to be like in the future?. More importantly, if he’s not comfortable with you being empowered, then he’s probably not comfortable with himself. Live by the words of Chimamanda Nigozi Adichie who states “Of course I am not worried about intimidating men. The type of man who will be intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in”. So ladies, look down upon men who don’t respect your worth as a human being and as a person equal to them. Ladies, look down upon women who don’t respect our worth and our equality to men. Ladies, it’s not unattractive to be a feminist, it’s unattractive to think that men are inferior and that’s not feminism.

So the next time a guy or a girl asks you “Oh my God, you’re a feminist?”, first and foremost, lift an eyebrow(preferably the left) and say “Yes”. No explanation needed, really. Then, walk away; chin up of course, hair flowing in the wind as people marvel at the beauty that is you and your feminism. Or not. But you get the point, if you’re going to be a feminist, then be proud. If people are going to mistake your confidence for arrogance and bossiness, then so be it. Never give up on what you believe in because it’s deemed uncool because that’s insecurity and One Direction’s “That’s what makes you beautiful” isn’t going to get rid of that. So, feminism is not unattractive, insecurity is.

-Yosr Abdel Bary feminism-1