Fear, a strong word felt by mostly everyone in this world today, but what is there really to fear, spiders, monsters, and the dark? No, there’s something bigger than that. It’s something you might as well call the lack of happiness.  Yes, this might sound too cliché, but what is there to life really other than being happy and content?  Happiness is what makes us or breaks us, and I for one, do not want to be broken down in any point in my life.

Well, people might ask why I’ve got this fear. I mean, I’m only 14, and what do I really know about life and happiness? Even though I haven’t been on this world for long, it feels like I’ve been through a lot. As a kid, being happy is easy. The only time where happiness lacked is when your mommy forgot to give you your chocolate milk in lunch or when you got a bruise while playing tag. Happiness was a concept that seemed so simple to achieve. Songs were always written about it, children saw nothing but it, and the world didn’t appear to be as complicated as grownups made it sound. As my summer clothes start shrinking and my baby teeth start falling, I realize happy songs are completely rare. All we listen to is probably songs about death, loneliness, heartbreak, and despair; because now those are the emotions we feel the most.

As you grow up, you look into things more deeply and we realize that as the years go by, happiness seems harder to hold on too. Then, if you ever for a moment feel content, you instantly know it won’t last. Playing tag turns into playing with people’s lives, that chocolate milk has way too many calories, and those monsters moved from under your bed to inside your head. It gets worse, year by year, but I don’t want to face that. Why do I have to go through all this? Why do I have to go through what society does to people? Why can’t we all just stay happy and not ruin each bit of our lives as we get older?

Society kills the teenage mind and for that reason, each generation depresses even more. I mean, if a kid who had to look at their phone to check if  they got the right amount of likes on a photo to know if they’re popular enough to be happy, then what kind of generation would that be? I for one am not ready to witness it worsen.

Now again, what is a life without happiness? We all obviously only have one life to live, and I don’t want to waste it. What is the point of over-thinking everything? What’s the point of dreading on the past so much that you can’t even live your present? What’s the point of looking in the mirror feeling that you don’t meet society’s standards to be “pretty”? No one knows exactly when their life will be taken away from them, so why not grip to every second we have of life and live it to its fullest?

Depression lurks in the air nowadays, and all I think is we’re too young to be feeling such pain. Why ruin yourself when you have a whole other life to live? It kills me to see people not being happy in their own bodies. It kills me to see people not realizing their potential. It kills me to see people feeling like they’re not enough, and it kills me to think that I might be like that one day.

Many people think that money is what makes us all happy, well I think otherwise. Money is nothing without a family or people that you love to share it with. So what if you’re a billionaire but the loneliest person out there? I honestly would rather be the happiest person in the world then have all the money in the world. We live in a generation where nothing really matters but the brand you wear and how many parties you go to. What kind of generation is that really? I refuse to subject myself to it.

Now, if you don’t think that’s scary, then I don’t know what is. Let’s be real, whatever phobia you might be facing, whether its heights or the dark, it can’t compare to the idea of living in a world where it’s almost impossible to be content. It’s scary, because it’s the truth. You asked me what my biggest fear was, and I gave it to you; but I’m here to conquer it. I believe in happiness, it still exists, and I’m willing to hold on to it as long as it takes. I only get one life to live, and I plan on living it right.

By: Rawda Shahin