1. Food


Of course, food is the first on the list. Food is something to be happy about because there are so many different types of delicious dishes and sweet desserts to choose from. The varieties are endless and if there’s one thing all humans have in common it’s eating. Sometimes your fondest memories are related to food you ate. For example, remember that time you went to Japan and ate the best sushi ever? Exactly.  Food isn’t just something you eat to have energy for the day for some people, some people look to food as comfort and something that makes them happier and I am probably one of those people.

2. Family

Now although we might all fight with our families from time to time, they’re always here for us. We don’t choose our family but we have to learn to live and get along with them. We will never find someone who loves us more than our parents and siblings regardless of the fights, hard times and frustration. At the end of the day we’ll always remember the good days we spent with our families, the road trips we went on, the family gatherings and birthdays. Eventually, everything we’ve been through, the good and bad will all become memories that we will laugh at in the future.

3. Friends


Now although you can’t choose your family, you can your friends. Friends are the people you choose as your family. The people that YOU choose to spend time with because YOU want to. Friends are something to be happy about because if you chose the right ones then they’ll always be right by your side whenever you need a helping hand. Sometimes when you feel like you have no one else to talk to, they can give you great advice. Although you can take advice from your family too, they might not understand what you’re going through exactly so maybe asking a friend that went through something similar for advice would help you solve your problems.

4. Music

Whats better than having a song you can relate to? Nothing ! ( probably food ) The best things about songs is that like food, there is such a large variety to choose from. People can relate to music on spiritual levels, it’s amazing how a song can change your mood. I look to music as something to let out my feelings, I may not be able to express myself well but maybe a song i listen to describes how I feel and hearing it makes me feel better or helps me with a decision relating to the subject. Music is an outlet for emotion and it’s always been astounding to me how so many people could listen to the same things for all sorts of different reasons and still feel the same thing.


5. Life


Take a moment to look at all your blessings. You being alive right now, breathing, going to school, not starving. These are all things we should be grateful for. You choose to be happy. You choose not to. Your life and future is all based on the decisions you make now. Every moments counts every minute spent now determines one in the future. Be grateful for what you have now and enjoy life while it lasts because it could all be gone by tomorrow.