Blood Moon

October 8th marks the event of an extremely rare blood moon, or lunar eclipse. This is part of the famous 2014-2015 lunar tetrad where eclipses have been carried out continuously with this one being the second. Not only will there be a blood moon (an event where the moon turns an abnormal shade of red), however a meteor shower will be presumably visible on the 8th and 9th of October. Sadly, the blood moon will not be visible from Cairo, however NASA is providing a live stream for countries not within the view range to be able to enjoy the rare and exciting event. This is the second total lunar eclipse of 2014 where the first one was in April and it is mainly catering the North America/ Asia region where Africa and Europe are deprived from witnessing its peak.

Additionally, during the eclipse the plant Uranus will be identifiable through binoculars because of its position near opposition during this eclipse. This event is gaining widespread attention and excitement due to it being a blood moon, which is blood red in color, and taking place right before Halloween giving a scary vibe and sparking early Halloween spirit! In case you are interested to witness this historical event, click on the link below which will automatically direct you to NASA’s widely acclaimed live stream starting at 4:17 am EST in the United States of America.


-Nada Abdelatty