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Everyone is aware what Halloween is right? You know the holiday where everyone is dressed up as something frightening, little children go door to door and collect candy, and especially the creepy decorations everywhere. Although, most people don’t know about the history of Halloween.

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of the 31th of October. Halloween is a mixture of different celebrations such as costume wearing, trick-or-treating, bonfires, costume parties, carving jack-o-lanterns, visiting haunted houses and so on. The name “Halloween” is originally a contraction of All Hallows Even meaning the day before All Hallows Day. All Hallows Day is a Catholic holiday which all Christian saints observed since the Early Ages. Halloween was first originated in a festival of ancient Ireland known as Samhain which marked the end of summer. To mark the end of summer and the beginning of winter there were feasts, bonfires, offerings, and gifts to the dead. One reason that people today wear costumes and halloween-11101702.jpgmasks is because back in the old days, masks and costumes were used to appease the evil spirits. Halloween traditions and customs were brought to North America by Irish immigrants and by the middle of twentieth century Halloween became a children’s holiday. Halloween would begin on October 31 and last into the following day which was when all the spirits who died would rise up and roam the earth.  People would leave food and candy for the spirits hoping that the evil spirits would leave them alone.

Halloween is known for the spooky stories told around the bonfires, scary movies in theaters and on TV, apple bobbing, visiting haunted houses, playing pranks, and decorating.  Halloween is an extremely entertaining celebration which allows children to use their imaginations and overall an exciting day.

By: Sarah Ikekhua