Top 5 reasons why Attack on Titan is one of the best anime/comic ever created!


The only reason I’m doing a top 5 and not a top 10 is because the show nor the comic have ended. The show is still waiting for its seconds seasons and the comics still have about 20 volumes waiting to be created. This article will be updated when more news is revealed, so stay tuned!


1) The Story line!


Attack on Titan isn’t the typical lovey dovey anime story that is used in a lot of the anime shows and comics today. Its events are full of surprised that catch the reader/watcher by surprise and make him go “WHAT JUST HAPPENED”. The plot, events, and story line are original and amazing!


2) The Characters!


In a lot of anime shows and comics that characters are shallow and don’t have any depth to them. They are like the people one hires just to fill a room in a movie scene. In Attack on Titan, the characters feel very much alive. These characters have depths, and emotion, they are real to a degree that when one dies, a river just comes out of your eyes.


3) The drawing/animation!


First of all, anime characters are not meant to look overly real. They always have some exaggerated body part or a full body. So in Attack on Titan, there are some funny looks and exaggerations but that is not we are here to talk about it. WE ARE HERE TO TALK ABOUT THE ANIMATION AND DRAWING OF THE ACTIONS SCENES N STUFF! During the fighting scenes and the serious scenes, the animation is beautiful. It is very hard for a person to find one mistake (since most of the anime is hand drawn). Not only that but the show mixes 3D animation with 2D do the degree that it is perfect. It is really a site to see.


4) The suspense and scary element!


Attack on Titan does two things that put the watchers/readers on the edge of their seat. First is the suspense, it builds up and then hits you with the best answer. Not only that but it also just surprises without warning like what happened when Eren first fought the Titans. As for the scary element, the titans but the gaiters into the watchers more than the readers since there are sounds and animation. The way the titans act (like the smiling titan) makes me scared out of my pants. ESPECIALLY the colossal and armored titans.




I touched up a bit on this in the character section but it deserves its own section and reason. The readers/watchers are introduced to the major emotions in the show/comics very early on. Unlike a lot of anime comics and shows, the emotion stays strong and clear in every episode. It doesn’t die out or become predictable.


By Tarek Abu Nar