getting hot

Global Warming has become eminent among all global issues. What differentiates this issue from all others is that rather than affecting only certain zones on the globe, it affects us all. Every country one way or another is affected by this ever growing dilemma. Water shortages in Africa, heat waves across Europe, droughts throughout America, and floods within Asia. These occurrences show that no corner of Earth is left untouched. As humans, we’ve grown to abuse our Earth: completely milking resources and releasing so much pollution we’re basically committing bio-suicide. Our actions have caused the premature extinctions of various species, the rise of global sea levels, costly health impacts, there is no end to the consequences if we continue this path.

Decades of research have been conducted by scientists to determine the factors that cause Global Warming. As a result of the research, all fingers point at greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are essentially gases in our atmosphere that capture infrared radiation, or in simple terms, our sun’s energy. The infrared radiation enters our atmosphere, gets mostly absorbed by our land and oceans, and re-released back up into the atmosphere, well that’s how it’s supposed to go down. Due to increased pollution, we’ve continually bombarded our atmosphere to the point in which the infrared energy that’s supposed to be released outside is instead kept inside; enter the greenhouse effect. In normal greenhouses, the sun would enter the greenhouse and get absorbed by the plants inside, but when the plants attempt to re-release the energy outside, the energy instead stays. This concept applies to what is happening to our Earth, heat and energy in but none out. The reason the energy won’t exit is simply because we’ve demolished and are continuing to demolish our atmosphere to a non-functioning status.

The pollution that is released is referred to as carbon dioxide emissions, or CO2 emissions for short. Each country contributes to the pollutant emissions, whether small the amount too large. Not surprisingly,


the top two states with carbon dioxide emissions are China and USA, 23% and 19% of the world’s CO2 omissions respectively. Next comes the EU states at 13%, India and the Russian Federation both on 6%, Japan on 4%, Canada at 2%, and the rest of the world at 28%. What’s really fascinating about these statistics lies on the fact that 60% of the world’s CO2 Emissions derive from only six out of around 190 countries.

The consequences of the constant release of CO2 emissions are unfathomable. Current penalties due to the release of pollutants include the melting of ice on a global scale, ecological mishap as many species attempt to permanently migrate, higher precipitation, and the rapid extinction of species. The future, sadly, won’t get any tolerant, for scientists and ecologists alike predict rapid sea rises, stronger storms, common droughts and floods, increased disease spread, and the fact that less fresh water will be available. All of this is a result of us simply not being able to monitor our pollution levels, and our inability to even remotely care when entire forests vanish and animal species get reduced to a mere few. Quite frankly, it’s one of our duties as inhabitants of Earth to cherish and protect it, not destroy it; we can’t take back the emissions we released, but what we can do is reduce them.