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      CNN recently posted an out breaking news about Jaylen Fryberg. Jaylen Fryberg  was one of the most popular students at his school. In October 17, he won the title “the homecoming prince” of his school, Marysville-Pilchuck High School. He was a football player and he also wanted to practice wrestling. His friends used to tell him, “You’re a person that everyone likes and a good person.”

Jaylen Fryberg liked to go hunting and he owned guns. A month ago he posted picture of him holding a rifle on Instagram and his parents were the ones that got him the rifle. Plus that, a couple of weeks ago he had a fight with one of his schoolmates because he said something racist to him and then he was suspended. In addition, it said that he broke up with a girlfriend a couple of weeks ago as well. The last tweet he said was on Thursday, October 23, 2014, when he said,  “It won’t last…. It’ll never last…” Then on Friday, the next day, at the Marysville-Pilchuck High School cafeteria, Jaylen Fryberg suddenly started shooting the other students in the cafeteria with a gun. He shot 5 of his mates, killed one, and then killed himself. No one really knows why he did that, but there were interpretations that maybe his breakup with his girlfriend caused that or his fight with one of his mates.

     From this article, one can see that a kid should not own a gun for any reason. His parents thought it was “just” a present, but they would never have thought that this gun is the gun that their son will kill himself with. There is no point for a kid to hold a gun. How did he even enter the school with a gun? How easy it for someone today to own a gun, a weapon that kill a group of people easily? Really Easy!!

Manal Ahmed