Everything on Earth is trying to kill us. When we first emerged out of our mothers’ wombs, somewhere in the deep dark void, a few di were rolled, these di are the first gamble of life, whether we emerge with disorders such as schizophrenia or cerebral palsy, to other forms of dreaded mutations. Even after that, we are introduced to hundreds and thousands of germs within our first few seconds of life, each one capable of ending us then and there. It is a miracle that we last a year, let alone a few days in our first fragile state. Surprisingly, we defy the odds over and over again. At any point in time, any situation can take an ugly turn in a moment’s notice. The office workers in the twin towers expected a normal day at work, the commuters in Hiroshima and Nagasaki expected a normal day doing commuting, the people at that crowded Afghan market expected a normal day of purchasing their weekly goods, and you expect an average day like any other, don’t you?

        In many instances, we assume we will be fine. We assume the floorboards we are currently standing on to hold and not give way, depending on a construction worker, a total stranger, to have done his job properly. While driving down the freeway, we assume an average transit to our destination, depending that the other driver, another complete stranger, a meter away from our vehicle moving at over a hundred miles per hour to stay in his or her lane, not ending up crashing into us for snoozing or not staying focused. We assume that while walking on the sidewalk, the steam pipes underneath don’t suddenly burst, yet again we depend on a construction worker, another stranger, to have done his job properly. We take millions of risks each day, whether death defying or dangerous, we proceed with our day as ever before. We see daredevils as the ones that commit stunts that are obviously death defying, but we don’t know that our daily commute to and from work and all other activities we do in a day are as death defying as the stuntman’s actions, adding up all the factors of the things around us. We put our lives in the hands of total strangers, depending on them not to make any mistakes or things can go south real fast.

        There doesn’t need to be any warning, you can disappear in an instant, gone, vanished, vaporized, and stop being. Living life to the fullest is the only psychological solution when facing the ever growing odds, given that we keep adding more and more factors to our lives that have the capability of killing us. We can hope that today isn’t the day, nor tomorrow, nor the day after, and that the mystical set of di in the deep dark void don’t land on an unpleasant number, placing us in the crosshairs of something dreaded. But no matter how safe we assume we are, no matter how much we prepare ourselves for the any occurrence, there will always be a crack in the wall in every room. This isn’t meant to induce paranoia, but rather implement a sense of awareness of what is capable of happening. It is a miracle that we reached this point in our lifetimes, that we are standing here proud and full of life embedded by what we have accomplished and what we hopefully will accomplish.