Female Genital Mutilation

            Female Genital Mutilation (also known as FGM) is the operation made which the female’s genitals are either entirely or partly removed. Most girls from the range of 9-15 ages have these operations made on them, even in Egypt. The Middle East and Africa are one of the top countries where the FGM operations are made. About and more then 125 million girls have been forced and cut in about 29 countries, because there parents have in mind that it is a cultural tradition and because of religious views.

FGM is a violation of human rights for women and girls. Parents shouldn’t decide whether or not they have the operation. FGM also causes violation against women; it also violates a women/child’s right to health and physical morality. After the law against FGM was made, the chances of women and girls dying are increasing, because parents are afraid of going to the doctor, getting reported and get imprisoned; and from not going to the doctors, women die from heavy bleeding.

Some parents do such practice, because they believe it’s a traditional and cultural belief and that the daughter wouldn’t get “hungry for sex.” Some mothers think the operation is good for there health, that after the operation is done, they get healthier and grow better, have a strong personality and are “clean” to there point of view; but if they have not done the operation, they would most likely not get married, and they wouldn’t have a strong personality as a woman who had the operation.

People should know more about the incidents in the world, especially the people who practice these kinds of exercises because they determine it’s traditional and it’s in the cultural of women is mistaken. Countries should make it illegal, and there should be no such practice and pain happening in women’s lives.