Every once in a while, momentous events take place and heroes stand out, showing us the true potential of humans and restoring faith in humanity. In this case, Senzo Meyiwa, the captain and goalkeeper of the South African football, turned out to be the hero. On the 26th of October, two gunmen were in the middle of a robbery, and when one of the intruders pointed the gun at Kelly, Senzo’s girlfriend, he tried to protect her and ended up getting shot.

The police and national force put up a reward of approximately 8,500 British pounds for any information that would lead to an arrest. Eventually, a suspect was found and has been put in custody, waiting for his court sentence which will be on the 11th of November.

This act of bravery did not go unnoticed. Thousands of mourners filled up the football stadium for the funeral of this hero to commemorate not only a great athlete, but a model citizen and a courageous individual. The people that attended the ceremony ranged from his widow all the way to famous celebrities and politicians. The whole country is in mourning till this day and this event will no doubt carve deepen in the already present scar.

Senzo’s death has made the high crime rate of South Africa even more apparent and has emphasized the necessity of taking action, because this is not the first time for such an event to take place. Gun crimes are at an all time high in South Africa, and the murder rate in South Africa was seven times the murder rate in the United States for 2013 (approximately 17,000 people were murdered in South Africa in 2013).

At almost every point in one’s life, someone either commits a crime or is subject to a crime, whether it is a petty crime or a serious crime. When kids are brought up, petty crimes seem almost normal to them, ranging from petty theft/shoplifting all the way to disturbing the peace or being a public nuisance. Many people argue that crime is correlated with education and income, which is normally the main cause for crimes. However, the future generations are being brought up in a society which does not teach these children the very distinct difference between right and wrong, which makes crimes much more prone to occur in the future. If we want to reduce crime rates and lead to a better future, then we must take the first steps in every aspect of our lives and change the mentalities of people around us. How many heroes must sacrifice themselves before the world can wake up and realize that it’s time to shape up?

By Ali Badr