It all started that summer night,

Dazzled and dazed from the first sight.

I shook my head and looked away

But he held me tight and asked me to stay.

His words were a delusion,

And I was sucked into his beautiful illusion.

We were committing the perfect crime.

I stole his heart and he stole mine.

Talking all day and night

Must make us closer, right?

But, the inevitable truth hit hard

When he left me, I was scared.

It was all just a game.

Another way to entertain,

The cruel crowd that he obeys;

Another sick trick he plays.

Blinded I was of what he truly is.

I fell deep in that trap of his.

Oblivious to what I might feel,

Finding out his love wasn’t real.

Aphrodite’s beauty is attraction,

And his charm was a distraction.

To his Herme’s trickery

He will always be a mystery.

Recovering and despaired

I grew and never really cared.

Up until my eyes set to see

He was with someone else, not me.



By; Rawda Shahin