12 times living in Cairo ruined (or spoiled) me for life

1.   Personal Drivers – I could think of a million reasons why an Egyptian, of any age, may have a driver. But we can start by the most obvious one and say TRAFFIC. Traffic is absolutely tiring to drive through in Egypt, it may take hours to reach a destination of 20 minutes away at rush hour. Then again, finding a parking spot is solely based on luck. And trust me when I say the odds are almost never in your favor.psc.jpg

2. 24hour delivery service from anything and everything you could want – Hungry at 3:30 AM in the morning? NO PROBLEM! Just think of whatever you want to eat and it will be at your doorstep in the next 30 minutes. You don’t even have to wait till 3:30 AM so you can enjoy the benefits of home delivery, call your local supermarket at any time and your groceries for the month will be done 🙂


3. Housekeepers – now, social class has absolutely nothing to do with this. It’s the norm to have a housekeeper, a doorman, a driver etc. Perhaps he higher the social class the more housekeepers exists – such as chefs or nannies, and instead of having one house keeper to do the cleaning it’s quiet possible to have two or more. Again, Egyptians like to think of it as keeping the job opportunities open as much as possible.


4. Cheap gasoline – you get a complete shock when you find out of the gas prices out of Egypt… On a side note, putting gas yourself in your car overwhelms you, as you’ve never done it before in Egypt.


5. Supermarket people – thank god we don’t have to pack our groceries, nor carry it back to our cars … or even houses.


6. For girls, going to salons and spas is relatively cheap in comparison to anywhere else in the world. Thank God for lovely, yet affordable, mani-pedis.


7. Shopping obsession – We go cray-cray when we go shopping when we’re out of Egypt because we realize how high the taxes are in that country.


8. Getting a job under the age of 18, is not something common at all. Not even a summer job. We Egyptians try to keep a person a baby as long as possible, becoming financially independent is not one them. Even when you’re married. ( Then parents complain about their “spoiled” children, how ironic..)


9. The doorman who cleans our cars every morning, instead of taking it to the gas station and giving it a proper wash.


10.  “El Makwagy” w el “Dry Clean” – All you have to do is put your clean clothes in a bag, and the next morning they will come back perfectly ironed and neatly stacked. Not to mention coat hangers – Thanks to the Makwagy, you never have to buy coat hangers in your life, ever.


11. Getting married in your early twenties is completely acceptable. Why not even have babies too?  – Both families will completely support you, pay for you wedding honey moon, new house, food for the house – they’ll even cook for you too. And if you’re having that baby, NO WORRIES – both sides of families will step in taking turns to take care of the babies. Just forget about being financially independent and responsible adults, as long as you live in Egypt ‘Mafeesh Moshkela’. (In case you haven’t notice, parents would rather go broke than having a bad wedding)


12. Did I mention that this city NEVER sleeps? Nothing closes before 12, and this applies to everything from restaurants and cafes to shopping malls and doctor offices. Whatever you want is available to you at anytime. So don’t be shocked when you find traffic at 2:00 am.