When people think of books, they think of science, math, English literature, and things that will probably bore you to sleep. When I think of books, I think of a whole other world compressed between to a front and back cover with a title. Books are much more than just pieces of paper put together. They’re a whole different world with characters, conflict, and adventure. You’ll read about things in books that will probably never happen in real life, and you’ll read about things in books that probably have happened.

There are endless possibilities of what you could do with a couple of pages filled with words or what a couple of pages filled with words could do to you. The weird part about books is two people can never read the same book. People’s perspectives are so different that they alter with the way they see and imagine things in books. The way I see a situation or imagine the characters will never be the same way as you do. It’s basically a whole world only inside of your own head.

Some people read for escape, others out of boredom, knowledge, education, entertainment, etc. Books could provide it all. A library could be a solar system, and each book is a different world waiting to be explored. Books can take you around the world in one page. They can send you to the deepest pit of an ocean to the highest mountain peak in the world. They’ll make you cry in one chapter, and then extremely happy in the next. They’re more than just pieces of paper filled with math, English, and science.

AIS has provided you with the opportunity to purchase your very own book with its annual book fair. It was hosted from November 9th all the way to November 13th in the AIS auditorium. The book fair gives you the bestselling novels and stories from all around Cairo in one area. You have shops from Diwan to Alef offering you the best it can provide. The book fair has sections from young adults all the way down to pre-KG books. They even have books in languages other than English. You’ll find books with all different kinds of genres too. They all have a variety of non-fiction, autobiographies, and self-development books as well. Be sure to visit the AIS Book Fair, and if you missed it this time, don’t worry, there’s always next year.