image1Gabriella is a center that offers free physical therapy for paralyzed children. The name of the center was derived from a personal incident of the owner. The owner’s daughter was called Gabriella and she was paralyzed; yet she was given the opportunity to be cured. He decided that other children should at least gain a similar opportunity. It was miserable to see these unfortunate kids, unable to walk freely. They had a simple wish, to walk! When I started comparing my wishes and needs to theirs, I found that I am greedy. In a world like the one we are living in, all the children wish for, is to have the opportunity to walk and live their childhood like anyone else. It is disappointing how many of us would not appreciate how much we are blessed by only being able to walk. We are never satisfied by what we have, but rather we always need more and more; are wants are infinite and are hard to quench. Unfortunately, in many of the children’s cases, they are not able to walk only because they are not given the opportunity for different reasons; money in many cases is a major factor. What was exceedingly depressing was seeing those children express their feelings of sorrow and joy in the same sound. It was sometimes hard, to tell whether the children wanted to demonstrate and inform us about their pain, or whether they wanted to show that they were joyous. Without any doubts, the visit helped me form a significant perception. We need to start appreciate all our blessings and determine whether our wishes and wants are necessary or not. Keep in mind that there other people living with you in this world.

By Nada Sorour