Moments before a stray dog was killed by a police officer.

Nowhere. Animal rights are essentially non-existent in Egypt. Now don’t get me wrong, sure we have a few animal shelters here and there but that is not enough. It will never be enough; not until our population is educated that an animal is a soul too. That you should never, under any circumstances poison dogs because “residents complained that there were too many stray dogs.” Disgusting. Never should I have to witness such a despondency in an area made for the “educated” upper class. Having lived abroad for a vast majority of my life, (three different countries) Egypt is definitely the most appalling when it comes to animal rights. Here are some of the news headlines under the tag “animal rights.”
“Cats massacred at Upscale Sporting Club in Egypt”
“Lions abused in Egyptian Zoo, shot at with plastic pellets”
Animal cruelty filmed in Egypt as a ‘joke’
I’m a dedicated dog lover, so evidently, seeing this horrid treatment towards dogs doesn’t just break my heart (and yes, I do cry when I see a dead dog), but it angers me, quite profoundly. Have you ever wondered why a ridiculously large amount of people in Egypt are scared of dogs? The answer to that is really quite simple.
People abuse dogs.
Dog becomes angry.
Dog responds to abuse.
It becomes a dog’s nature to be aggressive, and “scary” in order to protect itself. Of course, this isn’t the case for all stray dogs. Some stray dogs are indeed very friendly. I recently went to an animal shelter and about 20 dogs were released to greet us. Not a single dog was aggressive, or bothered anyone. All they wanted was love, and affection. Dogs in nature, are similar to humans. There is however, a major difference. Dogs aren’t greedy and lack awareness like a large amount of Egyptians. The government is to blame for this (along with a multitude of other factors). Not just for leaving the population uneducated, but for playing a role in killing stray dogs. And for what? To “make our streets cleaner.” If you want to make our streets cleaner, start by educating your people. Or maybe even educating yourselves. It’s bad enough that the country lacks human rights, why must animals be victimised because of your ignorance? One of my goals before I reach the age of 30 is to own an animal shelter in the heart of Cairo, and give each and every one of those animals the love they deserve, and a clean, safe home.

Moments before a stray dog was killed by a police officer.
Moments before a stray dog was killed by a police officer.