A shooting that caused civil unrest in the US and abroad, and as well as sparked debate about injustice and police use of force doctrine. The tragic event that shocked the nation occurred on August 9th, when Michael Brown who was an unarmed African American teenager was shot dead by a white police officer. The shooting occurred in Ferguson in Missouri, Brown and his friend were walking after they stole a box of cigarettes when Wilson asked them to move to the sidewalk. An argument occurred between Brown and Wilson and the first bullet was shot in the police car. Wilson shot a total of twelve shots which Brown was hit by six, and then the last bullet being the deadly shot. The shooting has sparked protests and unrest in Ferguson and many other states in America.

On Monday, the grand jury concluded that Wilson will not face any criminal charges for the killing of Michael Brown. Despite the fact that the decision was made in an unusual night time, and after the decision had been made protests and riots occurred.  The decision has made protesters outraged by the pattern of police brutality against young black men. The reality of racial bias in America is an issue that needs to be solved. The decision was made due to the fact that the shooting was based on “self-defense” because Brown was huge. According to the interviews and evidence, Wilson had no other way to stop Brown than to shoot him. Many other rumors state that Michael had his hands up and Wilson continued to shoot at him.

America has a long history of black men and women being suspiciously and lustfully killed by police. Addition to the harassment by police which young black men face every day.  An article by the New York Times states that “86% of police stops, 92% of searches and 93% of arrests were of black folks.” Significantly a historian David Levering Lewis has pointed out, is that “whites committed crimes but blacks are criminals.” The vast majority of shootings in America that have been committed by white males’ people don’t judge white men for these acts. Although, we criticize the criminal behavior of an individual black man to the black community as a whole. On top of this, the negative and unnecessary stereotypes that people base on communities of color. The Ferguson issue was not an issue of cruel cops but a racial bias that occurs almost everywhere around the world. No one knows the true story that occurred the day Brown died, no one can change the fact that Brown is dead. All the citizens know and everyone around the world, is that an 18-year old African American boy who was supposed to start college was gunned down by a police officer. Lastly, instead of releasing the details about the shooting, the Ferguson police only shows doubts on the victim and Brown’s character. My thoughts go out to Brown’s family and to Brown’s friends.

-Sarah Ikekhua