This weekend, I watched a very intriguing episode of Friends where Phoebe, one of my favorite characters, was trying to find a completely selfless act. That means a selfless act that doesn’t cause a person to benefit in any way, shape or form. You’re obviously thinking “Aren’t all selfless acts unselfish?” Well, no. The concept behind this is that by helping others, one feels content or even, happy, therefore the act wouldn’t be completely selfless.

In this episode, Phoebe strives to find an act that is so selfless, it couldn’t possibly be unselfish. Unfortunately, she fails. At the end, she lets a bee sting her at the park and believes that because the bee sting supposedly benefited the bee and hurt her, then it would be completely selfless. She is then disappointed when she figures out that the bee would’ve probably died after stinging her. The question is, are there any truly selfless acts? I mean, we do help people for the sake of helping them but we can’t deny that it makes us feel good about ourselves. So, I honestly don’t think there are any selfless acts because we, as humans, are infinitely and innately selfish. images (1)