Being part of a community or a member of a community comes with a set of responsibilities, such as regarding the good of others as your own. This includes complying with agreed upon rules, consideration, and sharing common priorities and objectives. Making everyone’s health, safety, peace of mind, ability to perform and realize their potential must be of utmost concern in a school community. While everyone strives to better themselves, gain more knowledge, and excel in their studies, non-educational obstacles, such as the spread of disease often get in the way of our reaching our educational objectives. The selfish act of one person can potentially cause an entire school bus to get sick, even with a simple cold that keeps rotating amongst students on a bus and take much longer to cure than any common cold. The difference between doing what’s right for you or what’s right for members of your community can often be a 24-hour stay at home for the person with a cold. However, many simply care less about the good of the group and only think of their own personal needs. I got sick ten days into the school year when a cold spread among the students on my bus. Sadly, most continued to be carriers of this cold and spread it to many people in their classes and among their friends. This trend is more than likely going to continue and increase when it gets colder in Cairo.  Other than the notes the clinic sends requesting families to keep their kids at home if their temperature is 37.5 or above; however, some families still choose to send their kids in. Is there any other way this can be implemented?