A FATAL virus, first discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo or Zaire in 1976, originating from fruit bats or bushmeat.

21,797 cases.

8,690 deaths.

Fever, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. non-stop. Constant suffering.

Don’t we all hate having a fever or being sick to our stomachs?

Imagine if at the end of a bout of diarrhea you might be in danger of dying?

I’ve recently noticed how some of my peers think Ebola is a laughing matter, especially those who get a kick out of singing an offensive parody called “Ebola (La La),”  Which basically suggests that everyone has Ebola, while making a joke of the deadly disease. Some even add insult to injury by suggesting that Ebola only afflicts dark-skinned individuals.

Okay, why am I so upset over a parody of a song based on Ebola? Because parodies don’t need to encourage poor taste and total lack of compassion.
The majority of people who have had Ebola have died, and very few have survived. Lives are on the line. The gravity of the matter demands far more respect to those affected, or related to anyone affected. And it’s not like it cannot reach us here in Egypt. How funny would that be?

Here’s a thought, 2014 has been the worst year yet for Ebola. It hasn’t been eradicated, or isn’t even under control for us to feel like we’re out of the woods and can proceed to laugh about it.

Still singing?