Month: February 2015

Most ‘Stupid’ Deaths Involve More Men than Women


A recent study has shown that men do more careless things than women and often pay the price for it. Almost 88% of all death-by-stupidity cases involved men of all nationalities, cultures, ages, etc. Although death-by-stupidity may seem like a complex term, it stands for just that: it is the consequences (death) of idiotic actions..

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What’s up with the fireworks that go off all around Cairo, especially in residential areas, for absolutely no reason other than to bother it’s residents? Why aren’t there any laws to prohibit fireworks without prior approval from district authorities? Or do we have such laws, but like most other rules and regulations, they’re being regarded..

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Trip to the Religion Complex


The Panther Express team had the opportunity to visit one of the most touristic and historical place in Egypt, which is the religion complex. The religion complex is a place that unifies the three Abrahamic faiths into one perimeter. The place shows historical worship places such as churches, synagogue, and mosques. It is astounding how..

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Franklin’s Inspirational Quote


The prominent age of reason thinker, Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17th, 1706 in Boston. He left school at the age of ten to help his father, however this was never an obstacle for Franklin to achieve his goals. He was greatly involved in many scientific investigations regarding diverse topics such as electricity and..

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