IMG_5564The Panther Express team had the opportunity to visit one of the most touristic and historical place in Egypt, which is the religion complex. The religion complex is a place that unifies the three Abrahamic faiths into one perimeter. The place shows historical worship places such as churches, synagogue, and mosques. It is astounding how back then in Egypt, religion was one of the substantial factors that united Egyptians, it was not a point of weakness as it may be now. The visit started off by visiting the Babylon tower, followed by the Hanging Church, along with other churches and museums. Undoubtedly, before ceasing the trip to an end we were exuberant to visit the Ben Ezra Synagogue and Amr Ibn Al Aas Mosque.

            97067801.kSsp5BnK.Upload010When we were at the Synagogue visit, we found out that it was the only Synagogue in all of Cairo that people can enter. Other Synagogues are either closed or won’t let anyone enter and the only one that is open needs ID to check if the person is a Jew so they would let him in. The Synagogue’s columns and walls were firstly made out of marble, before the government took over it and allowed people to enter as a touristic site.



As we enter the breath taking Amr Ibn Al Aas Mosque, we are told to take off out footwear. The girls gather in the women’s section, put on veils that cover up their hair and part of their face. We gather in the entrance when everyone is ready and we start walking the long blue carpet with the praying areas on our left and right hand side, and in front: the large beautiful pillars painted in white and shining in the sunlight making it look even more incredible. The high ground where the praying Imam stands to say the prayers on Fridays is well built. Its size is amazingly large, imagining people gathering up on Friday and forming the praying pattern all over these large grounds, makes us want to come back and just watch the beauty of it. It was a great trip that no one should miss the glory of.




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