What’s up with the fireworks that go off all around Cairo, especially in residential areas, for absolutely no reason other than to bother it’s residents? Why aren’t there any laws to prohibit fireworks without prior approval from district authorities? Or do we have such laws, but like most other rules and regulations, they’re being regarded as mere suggestions that can be ignored? 


Fireworks are a spectacular pyrotechnic display, which is usually used as a part of a celebration.  There was a time when we associated New Year’s Eve or national day celebrations with fireworks,  and looked forward to the spectacular colored lights forming shapes in the sky and the accompanying loud noises.  However, nowadays they’ve become a source of annoyance, and sometimes even fear to many, particularly in areas that witnessed violence and constant gunfire in the past few years.  


Without reason or warning, fireworks would go off any time after sunset and even as late as 1 am or 2 am, with no respect or regard for children or the faint of heart. In Mohandeseen, fireworks went off every night at around 7:30 pm for several months. Sometimes, a second serving of terror would scare us half to death in the middle of the night, especially during weekends.  Following our move to new Cairo at the begging of the winter, we thought we could put that particularly noisy memory behind us.  Sadly, our hopes were dashed a few weeks ago when some people decided to pierce our peaceful silence with fireworks for absolutely no reason other than to amuse themselves. Naturally, we were all startled, as we couldn’t tell if the fireworks craze had followed us across the city, or if this was actually gunfire, until we saw the sky light up from a distance.  


Will this noisy nightmare ever end? 


By Maya Abou El Nasr