Music has become a great role in our lives. We listen to it on the bus, when doing homework, at school, and even when we’re just home alone. Music could be a motivator, and work positively on the mind, heart, and soul. This is why we fill our lives with the great music of this decade, but let me educate you on the true sounds of the century. So let’s start with the:
1940s: The Sinatra Phase


Everyone used to listen to the famous Sinatra since it was a post war-era. A lot of that time was basically revolutionary. His served as a distraction to all the chaos that occurred throughout the world. He set a positive vibe to all his fans and listeners, and helped motivate a brighter future.
1950’s: Start of Rock ‘n’ Roll


There was definitely more than one scene at that time, but it was the start of Rock n’ Roll, and of course how can anyone talk about Rock ‘n’ Roll and not mention the famous and legendary Elvis Presley. This was the age of the twist and turn. The twist was a dance, so anything you can twist and turn too was the thing to listen too, and Elvis was a great contributor.
1960’s: Boy Bands


The Beatles, the Monkees, of course you’ve heard of them. Everything was more upbeat and very experimental (drugs, sex, and rock and roll was definitely not dead) people were not afraid to step out of the comfort zone and sing about different things other than love. Artists took a dive into the artistic side of music and became more lyrically expressive.
1970’s: The Age of Disco and Alternative Rock

Pink Floyd
The Bee Gees, Earth, Wind, and Fire, ABBA are all great bands that everyone at a disco would get down too constantly, but let’s not forget the other side of the 70s: Pink Floyd, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath were influential legends on music history. They shaped music and created something different for the world to experience. In my opinion, they still serve a huge impact on today’s pop culture, and probably will for decades to come.
1980s: The Year of Rap


In reality, it started in the 70s, but besides that, Madonna was huge and had a major influence on fashion too. Rap was old school, the kind with big afros, boom boxes, and the rise of many more amazing rap artists in the future. MTV also started in the 1980s, which was a major impact on pop music (that was back then when MTV was just for music). Beastie Boys, Salt n’ Pepa, Run-DMC, and of course, Michael Jackson were all in the age of the Boombox. Anything with a good beat was amazing. People learned to experiment more with rhyming, rapping, and sound effects.
1990’s: the Grunge Scene

Honestly, the Spice Girls deserve some credit for the 90s, but what truly flourished was the grunge scene: Nirvana and Radiohead were major at the beginning of the 90s. U2, Blur, and Green Day started getting big later in the decade. Let’s face the fact, with only 5 notes on a guitar and half page of lyrics Nirvana took over the 90s with its one of kind sound in music. The lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain also had a huge impact on the alternative side of the 90s. Grunge instantly became a style, copying Cobain’s ripped jeans and funnel shirts. As a result people started taking Cobain as an idol for his abstract, yet peaceful, beliefs.
Credits to Naomi Attia for her knowledgeable history about music, her amazing taste in bands. Thank you for the help!

By Hana Sabah