This winter’s weather has been pretty bad, hasn’t it? I’ve been to a lot of places in Europe, such as Austria numerous times in weather that’s much colder and I went to Italy last year in February and it was freezing, but it’s different in Egypt. The cold really hits your bones. The cold is much harsher. Are Egyptians ever really going to be prepared for the cold? Perhaps not. Egypt’s weather is very hot during the summer and unfortunately that’s when most of the power outages seem to take place. What I’ve noticed, though, is that Egyptians know when to supposedly expect the cold, but they’ll never really be used to it. Egyptians may or may not be more accustomed to warmer temperatures. On Friday, December 13, 2013, it snowed or hailed and several died and when a thunderstorm hit Cairo / Giza in March of 2014, several also died or were wounded I believe. This proves that weather change is not easy and hits hard. Now, I’m not saying it’s just Egypt. Even the people who live in places where the weather gets really, really cold are never truly prepared for it. America, for example, is now enduring the coldest winter it has seen in about a decade or so. Last year, an ample warning was delivered, informing Egyptians that winters will continue to get colder. Have malls, for example, been providing shoppers with the sufficient heating to avoid becoming sick? On the bus, obviously people aren’t dealing with winter the way it should be dealt with. Several don’t wear jackets above their sweatshirts and don’t wear enough layers. Some of my classmates, during PE, even wear short sleeves. In some of the teacher’s classes, it’s extremely cold due to the AC. Have we forgotten what it’s like in the winter?


by Maya Abou El Nasr