When you travel, you see parts of the world that might take your breath away. Within that process, you leave parts of yourself behind. That was exactly what happened to us in Malaysia. What made the trip particularly unforgettable was the fascinating itinerary prepared for us. We partook in a city tour, going about visiting The Petronas Twin Towers, twin skyscrapers, which had once been deemed the world’s tallest buildings (452 m high). We watched a cultural show that perfectly represented the captivating artistic talent and skill that the people of Malaysia possessed. We visited a Buddhist temple and got to see Buddhist prayers in action, while also visiting The Batu Caves, which are considered one of the most popular Hindu shrine outside India. To reach them, we had to climb a steep flight of 272 stairs.
We came about getting an actual taste of what Malaysia’s culture was like through the different restaurants that we visited. Many of us even got the chance to eat snails, which to me, was an eye-opening experience. They were absolutely delicious. It proved to me that new experiences merely allow oneself to become much more sophisticated and well-rounded.
Multiple zoos were also visited, where many of us got the chance to not only feed elephants and watch an elephant show, but to actually shower them. We also got the chance to catch sight of the biodiversity of Malaysia, as well as to hold snakes.
We participated in water rafting activities and a safari, which were contributed to the overall scheme of nature of the trip.
The last day was the most chaotic and tiring of all, but it was definitely the most interesting. Many of us ziplined at the Sunway Lagoon, and many others bungee jumped. A fascinating experience. Beyond fascinating. It truly took all our breaths away. The theme park itself was terrifying but it was quite entertaining. And so was the water park.
Malaysia is truly a country unlike any other: Full of promise and fragility and hope. It is made a rich compelling land by the adventures and beauty that it encompasses. The trip was absolutely intriguing and full of new learning experiences.

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By: Alia El Sabrout