Month: May 2015

“It” Poem

It Ding Ding… I hear it everyday Every hour Every minute Every second of my life from it. It is bringing drums in my head Blinding me Breaking my fingers and destroying the person in me. Grandma calls What are you doing, I am holding it I answer and then she dies, Mama screams Leave..

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Aid Giza Zoo’s Pie-In-The-Face Raffle

Last Wednesday, May 20th, a Pie-In-The-Face Raffle was held in order to support the Aid Giza Zoo movement. The event involved eight teachers including: Mr. Jeffery Fetters, Mr. Michael Glavanis, Mrs. Kim Hurst, Ms. Melissa Sheaffer, Ms. Freda Frey, Mr. Steve Spannring, Mr. Kain Klinkhammer, and Mrs. Genevieve Morehouse. Students could get a chance to..

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Open-mindedness, What is it really?


Societies have become amalgamations of miscellaneous ideas and beliefs; thanks to the multifarious advances of science, people have become more willing to discuss topics that had once been taboo. And after coming so far, the scientific community stands now before the greatest of all red-lines: religion. Religion has long vexed science with its appeals to..

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Modern Society’s Top 10 Virtues


Those are only a list of 10 virtues that are essential for living in our modern world. Tolerance: Accept its existence, though conformity is non-compulsory. Benevolence: Spread your wings of kindness, but don’t let the manipulator deceive you. Sagacity: Be the man they look up to, not the child they mock. Determination: Run until you..

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