Ding Ding…

I hear it everyday

Every hour

Every minute

Every second

of my life from it.

It is bringing drums in my head

Blinding me

Breaking my fingers

and destroying the person in me.

Grandma calls

What are you doing,

I am holding it

I answer

and then she dies,

Mama screams

Leave it,

I am holding it

I ignore

and then she leaves and never comes back.

I leave it with the devil

I see the world smiling

The trees are asking me to dance

The sky is not only blue, but

Red, Green, Purple, and Pink,

I leave it one more day,

Grandma breathes and mama holds my hand.

From a girls who danced with trees

Smiled to the sky

and lived with the rainbows,

Leave it aside,

The light from its screen will eventually be the light of life.