Month: October 2015

A Bit About Life

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October 31 | Nada Fahmy As one takes their first breath, another takes their last.  Life and death are a necessary, inescapable cycle. No matter how terrorizing and frightful dying might be to some; it is one fate we cannot change. Our life and death are written in the stars, among the billions of tangled,..

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Is Global Warming Real?

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October 31 | By Fisson Tibbo “Global Warming isn’t prediction. It is happening.” –James Hansen  If someone says, “It wasn’t this hot three years ago” we automatically think global warming. Do we just say it out of habit or do we actually know what it means? According to various definitions, global warming is the gradual..

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From a Victim of Society

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October 31 | Malak Mareey What is “ugly?” Is it not wearing make up? Is it wearing billowy clothes? Having braces? Wearing glasses?  Or maybe the true way to define ugliness is something that does not fit into society’s illusory expectations. Society engraved a social standard into the minds of women that teaches them that..

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