On Sunday, October 18, 2015, The American International School in Egypt held an NGO Fair. What is an NGO? An NGO is an non-governmental organization in which citizens or those who wish to start some sort of organization aren’t affiliated with the government, but may or may not be funded by the government or other businesses. There were several booths set up outside the auditorium. Some booths included items you could buy and some were NGO booths in which middle schoolers and high schoolers could sign up and get the chance to earn CAS hours. Of the ones that were there, four stood out. Those four were Youth Engagement Project (YEP), Health & Hope Oasis, Educate Me, and Resalet Nour Ala Nour.

Health & Hope Oasis’s purpose is to “supplement the treatment of Egyptian children with cancer.” It was founded in 1992 and is located in Wadi El Natroun, which is about an hour away from Cairo. Health & Hope Oasis provides cancer patients with a healthy environment and provides parents with knowledge as to how to ensure a sanitary environment at home and how to better take care of their child in terms of proper nutrition amongst other matters. Health & Hope Oasis also provides their patients with recreational and educational resources to ensure they don’t fall behind and get the chance to live the way other kids do.

Resalet Nour Ala Nour is a three-week long Winter Break internship program in which students will pitch in to help improve living conditions and facilities in poor areas in Egypt, namely Shabramant, which is in Giza. The first week will be renovating houses. This includes painting houses, cleaning the area, and planting trees amongst other manual work. The second week will be children activities in which an educational center, Arab Sarab, will be set up to accommodate up to 160 students, ages 3-6. Activities will be, but are not necessarily limited to, arts and crafts, educational games, and leisure and sports games. The third and final week will be the “Awareness Campaign,” which consists of students explaining the importance of protecting the environment and what Resalet Nour Ala Nour is attempting to do to decrease the amount of litter. In the 1930s, Egypt was dubbed the most beautiful country in the world, alongside the cleanest country in the world and could even be compared to Europe today. Resalet Nour Ala Nour’s overall goal is to create a community where everyone is aware of how they mayor may not be harming the environment and to help Egypt become a cleaner place like it once was.

Both of these non-governmental organizations have been founded to make Egypt a better place and improve the quality of life for its people, especially those who live in poorer areas or can’t afford medication or other necessities. As a student and someone who may or may not be closer in age to these children, your presence goes a long way by improving their lives and you’re viewed as “cool,” seeing as you’re older.

Health & Hope Oasis:
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Youth Engagement Project:,, @alwaqfeya (Twitter)
Resalet Nour Ala Nour:, @r.nouralanour (Instagram)

by Maya Abou El Nasr