orphn 5

October 31 | Merna Elsayed

Orphans. They are kids who lost their parents, if not entire family, at a young age. They are people just like us, but instead of being raised with their parents in a house that keeps them safe and secure; they were brought up on the streets and had nobody to either teach them right from wrong or to teach them how to survive. The lucky ones are raised in orphanages with more than 60 kids who share the same place, however they don’t have privacy and live with 7 other kids in the same room.

On the 30th of October, 2015, some of AIS High School students went to visit “Ana El Masry” Orphanage. I was one of them and it wasn’t my first time visiting an orphanage, but it was the first time to visit a lot of orphans at the same time with a group. I observed how they interacted with one another as well as with many students and teachers. I also noticed that they don’t have the privilege of somebody sitting with them one on one to give them advice and tell them they’re wrong and how to be a better person. Most of us that in granted while they take it as a blessing; what we find as a burden on our lives is a dream come true for them. People should wake up every morning thankful that they have parents that care about them and would do anything to make them a better person; even if parents sometimes punish their children, they only do that because they want what’s best for them. Moreover, I observed that some of them are violent because of wanting attention or because they just feel like it.

Orphans are just like us; maybe even stronger. They saw so much from life at a really young age and they have dreams and life goals (ambitions) just like everybody else. Only problem is that they don’t know how to get there or which path they should choose because they don’t have much of a choice and that doesn’t limit their creativity, but it does limit everything else. They just want someone to look up to and someone to take care of them.

Let’s make an effort to be thankful for everything in our life from here on out. And think of other people, too. In other words: give back and pay it forward.