From a Victim of Society

panther E

October 31 | Malak Mareey

What is “ugly?” Is it not wearing make up? Is it wearing billowy clothes? Having braces? Wearing glasses?  Or maybe the true way to define ugliness is something that does not fit into society’s illusory expectations. Society engraved a social standard into the minds of women that teaches them that in order for them to be accepted by society, they must be deemed as sexually desirable. We are taught to be slim and tiny. If you are a virgin then you are a prude, and if you’re not a virgin then you’re deemed promiscuous. It’s difficult to find yourself in a world that is mainly about perfection when imperfection is what defines us. What society did was create a person, condemn it, and start ridiculing its features that, by society’s standards, are considered unattractive. The reflection in the mirror doesn’t reflect the person; it reflects the disguise of society’s creation. Most women need a mask of makeup, as society has taught them that who they are isn’t enough. Society wiped out the remnants of that once innocent little girl.

Generally speaking, women and men are both caged in society’s expectations. We are both pressured to fit into self-contradictory gender roles. Men are to be expected to act “manly”, and this manliness is judged upon the sports they play; they are to be physically strong, and never shed a tear. They are thrown into the role of being the providers, through their entire life, they are taught that they are to be the ones who always have to provide financially. It all consists of intimidation, being overly muscular, and in control. It is almost like there is an unspoken rulebook that falls on everyone when born.