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October 31 | By Fisson Tibbo

“Global Warming isn’t prediction. It is happening.” –James Hansen

 If someone says, “It wasn’t this hot three years ago” we automatically think global warming. Do we just say it out of habit or do we actually know what it means? According to various definitions, global warming is the gradual increase of the overall temperature of the earth. This might seem simple, but it’s not. It is said to be caused by the greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by heavy industries (energy), agriculture, land use change and forestry, etc.  

The fact that Earth’s temperature is rising is a big deal. When the world’s temperature increases it causes many things to change. There has been news of the ice in the Polar Regions melting for the past few years. Now we have even started hearing about fish being able to live on land for about 4 days and monkeys sneezing when it rains. There is news about the drought in California making it hard to take out the wild fire. All these things are caused by global warming, which shows that it’s not something that is simple and isn’t something that should be so ignored and dismissed.

When I go to school on the bus I like looking through the window when the sun shines through it. When it does, it feels much hotter and stronger than it has been in the past few years. The sun used to be just warm, but now it has become really hot and it burns. It burns because of the damage of the ozone layer. The ozone layer blocks the UV lights of the sun from getting to us. However now that the ozone layer is damaged there is more UV light passing through. This is what is causing the global warming. Too much UV light is also bad for our skin and can increase the risk of getting skin cancer.

Global warming does not just affect humans, it affects the whole world. The ice in the Arctic was key element in this world. It would reflect the sun back into space, which kept the world at a normal temperature. Now that the ice is melting the rock under the ice is absorbing the sun, making it hotter and hotter. The part that is affected most by global warming is the Arctic. Polar bears are dying because of the heat there. They haven’t yet adapted to the warm weather. There have also been reports of corals dying because of the climate change in the deep water.

So, is global warming real? Yes, it definitely is. You can see it everywhere you go because it’s ‘global’. We can’t stop it, but we can slow it down by raising awareness, building green economy, reducing waste and loss (of energy, food, water, etc.). I try to live my life as an example. I know most people won’t act towards this matter, but I know I will.

Just to make your life a little easier and more green, here’s a list of things you can do to help the situation:

  • Carpool or ride the bus instead of taking the car on your own; try to reduce the gases in the air!
  • Plant some nice flowers or herbs in your balcony/garden.
  • Instead of taking home all those plastic bags from Metro or Seoudi, plan ahead and take a backpack that’ll store all of your groceries.
  • Stop buying and disposing of plastic water bottles: buy a nice reusable one and fill it up all the time!
  • Stay positive and encourage your friends and family to take this matter seriously.