Month: November 2015

Societal Shaming


In today’s society, no sole individual can walk the earth pure-hearted, whether it is us being shamed or shaming. Societal shaming is often seen in every social media ever created, as it comes in all shapes and sizes. Shaming goes hand in hand with bullying, and it is often we observe that people are bullied..

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It all started that summer night, Dazzled and dazed from the first sight. I shook my head and looked away But he held me tight and asked me to stay.   His words were a delusion, And I was sucked into his beautiful illusion. We were committing the perfect crime. I stole his heart and..

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Music and Its Influence

zeft 3

Many, many years ago, the concept of music began. Thereafter, a numerous amount of talented composers, players and singers emerged. Instruments, voice, sounds are what make music what it truly is. The skill to incorporate emotions and feelings into a piece of work is what makes music, music. Instruments came along more than 60,000 years..

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Multicultural Kids

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Having two nationalities, or even three or four, could be a very confusing, exciting, or challenging life experience for a kid who’s lived or grown up in more than one country. These kids are called TCK ( third-culture kids). Such children develop a fantastic ability to speak various languages from early childhood. They also demonstrate..

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