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Having two nationalities, or even three or four, could be a very confusing, exciting, or challenging life experience for a kid who’s lived or grown up in more than one country. These kids are called TCK ( third-culture kids). Such children develop a fantastic ability to speak various languages from early childhood. They also demonstrate the ability to socialize or communicate easily with any kind of people regardless color, race, or gender. Most of them see the world as one community where everyone is equal and there are no differences without forgetting to respect one’s rights. On the other hand, there are some multicultural kids that are facing a problem of identity regarding what they consider “home”. How do you define home?

A TCK could experience confusion in his or her early ages due to having parents from different countries and not living in either one of them. It is difficult for them especially if they attend school where the majority of their classmates are locals and have their families around them such as parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins, etc, living in the same country. A TCK would start wondering why he/she has to take a plane to go see grandma or grandpa. They wonder why they see their cousins via internet and not real life. As time goes on a TCK will realise that his/her life is different but full of adventures, benefits, and exciting moments.

A TCK life becomes very exciting when a TCK reaches an older age where he/she is able to recognise that he/she has the ability to speak in several languages. They could also interact with people from all around the world bringing up their confidence and high self-esteem. Things can turn different when a TCK encounters conflicts due to differences between the countries of their nationalities. This could be a very challenging situation if one happens to choose which nationality they would like to keep or support. This situation can affect him/her psychologically and morally. The good thing is that the majority of TCK grow strong with high self esteem and ready to save any circumstances in life. AISE is FILLED with TCKs! Open up your social circle and get to know someone from somewhere else – you’ll never get bored listening to their exciting stories and interesting background.

Journalist: Camila Labrosse