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Many, many years ago, the concept of music began. Thereafter, a numerous amount of talented composers, players and singers emerged. Instruments, voice, sounds are what make music what it truly is. The skill to incorporate emotions and feelings into a piece of work is what makes music, music. Instruments came along more than 60,000 years ago and had their effect on the worldwide population. Instruments were categorized in four categories: woodwind, percussion, brass, and strings, where each instrument produces its own original and unique sound. From the point of instruments, music started developing in terms of genre, the quality of sound and general production.

Different types of genres including jazz, rap, electronic, pop, indie, rock and etc. are all forms of music that speak to people. The production of these genres brings a sense of joy, or a feeling of companionship to people. Music speaks to people, but it is only a matter of who that person is. Different forms of music, like playing an instrument, writing songs, producing songs, or singing a song offer different effects on each person. One can find serenity, refugee or isolation because of music, proving the sensation and effects that simple sounds can have on humans.

People often express themselves through the use of music as well. I for one find refuge whilst playing my piano or guitar. Other people may enjoy or express themselves by writing songs or producing them. It all varies from person to person, but overall music brings emotion into people’s lives, whether it’s a dance kind of song, a sad song, a happy song, a pop song – or any other type of song; music and all its greatness does have its effect on people.

Journalist: Farida Hamza