In today’s society, no sole individual can walk the earth pure-hearted, whether it is us being shamed or shaming. Societal shaming is often seen in every social media ever created, as it comes in all shapes and sizes. Shaming goes hand in hand with bullying, and it is often we observe that people are bullied for things out of their hands such as race, gender, appearance, intelligence etc. Body shaming is only one amongst an endless array of others. Societal shaming is the root of most bullying, and especially affects kids psychologically and physically. Sometimes it’s unintentional, but shaming is something that happens very often. It has become a part of our culture and norm. We sometimes don’t realize that very small details in what we say are degrading and putting other’s flaws into light. For this reason shaming is becoming less and less noticed, and is creating self esteem issues for our generation. Many people deem it as a small deal, however many suffer because of societal shaming. No human should be put down or degraded for life decisions they make; social conformity is not everyone’s path and they shouldn’t receive shaming for it. This is a very relevant issue, especially in this time, where we are breaking social norms, we can view so many individuals being shamed for their differences. Even though it might not be very obvious, encouraging every individual to stop and think about every word said towards the peers around them, and question whether they are subconsciously shaming them or not can help society progress in the long run. Societal shaming should no longer be accepted in society but rather looked down upon and eradicated.  

Journalist: Dana Kosber