With the new year comes all sorts of important events! BUT! One, as it always does, must trump all! And that would be…the best movies and shows of the New Year! Admit it, you spent a lot of your time in 2015 glued to a TV screen, so, now be glued to your computer so you can find out what you will need to glue your eyes to in the future! Without further ado, I present to you…




Finding Dory

Remember, in the days of your youth, sitting on the couch watching Finding Nemo? Remember how fun that was? Well, re-live the fun with this new movie! If you thought Nemo was hard to find then…aren’t we in for a surprise! And, hey! With an older movie like Finding Nemo finally getting a sequel, could there be hope for a The Incredibles 2? Hm… Doubt it.


Kung Fu Panda 3

Po is back! And, frankly, he had to be. I mean, they ended Kung Fu Panda 2 revealing all of these pandas who miraculously escaped the evil peacock overlord – how can you not have a sequel for that? Answer: you can’t. Be prepared to meet Po’s parents and other characters in the threequel (I guess), which will continue the story of the panda martial arts master!


Captain America: Civil War

Yes! Yes! Yes! I know that’s what you Marvel fans are saying – this is Captain America! Again! If my information is correct, in its absolute simplest terms, this is a movie about a disagreement between Captain America and Iron Man and many heroes end up getting involved. They split up and either back Cap or Tony, and if the movie ends like the comics it’s based on…No! I won’t spoil anything!


The Secret Life of Pets

Okay, okay. Maybe this movie isn’t a sequel (or threequel) to something you already love! BUT! I still think this movie will be really nice – especially for people who own or have owned pets. I don’t think there’s much to give background on given the title of the movie, just don’t miss it!


Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

DC fans WORRY NOT! There will be a DC movie. According to what I’ve heard and trailers I have watched, I can pretty much tell Batman got old, him and Superman are going to end up fighting over some kind of misunderstanding, Wonder Woman is going to appear, and for some reason Lex Luthor is young and not bald…very suspicious. Regardless, this movie should have some epic fight scenes and some big threat that isn’t exactly clear to me yet – most likely caused by not-bald Lex Luthor (sorry, but IT CAN’T BE OVERLOOKED!)


Fuller House

This sequel taking place after Full House is probably going to be AMAZING! Full House wasn’t the most known show as far as I’m aware, but it was really good. As briefly as I can put it, it’s about a man whose wife died and left him three kids, he also lives in a house with his best friend and his brother-in-law who also has a wife and two kids living in the house, hence the name Full House. For those who were into the series, this sequel will be a great event to look forward to, as we can only assume there are now more people to get to know.


Attack On Titan (Season 2)

So…this is an anime. And I know that not a lot of people are into it, but Attack on Titan had a huge impact on the world! It wasn’t even finished airing its first season before its English dub began to air. Many secrets were left untouched, so many of which we were painfully reminded of in the last two minutes of episode 25 and the after credits scene. Despite the fact that this was such a popular show, its first season finished airing three years ago. Three. Painful. Years. And unless they delay season two again, we should be satisfied by mid 2016 – Anime fans will look forward to this for months!


Assassin’s Creed

Hm…Could’ve sworn this was just a video game. But, oh well! They’re making a movie out of it. As far as I know, Assassin’s Creed is a really popular game, and saying this, I’m not really sure how fans would feel about it. Excited, no doubt, but will they be satisfied with the outcome? I know from experience that they can’t make movies out of books right for the most part (*cough* Percy Jackson *cough*), so how will they do with a video game?


Suicide Squad

Antiheroes and villains are both pretty bad. Just think: how much force does it take to take down a supervillain? And how many people end up injured in the process? The Answer for both: A lot. Now, imagine a team of these monsters working together. Okay, now stop imagining and go to the theatre – they made a movie out of it! With characters like the Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Enchantress what could go wrong? The Answer: a lot.


The Divergent Series: Allegiant

I actually haven’t seen Divergent in the first place – I tried and I’m not sure what happened but I got confused so fast I had to make sure I hadn’t started in the middle of the movie! Regardless, this should a really popular movie, if they do it like how the book is written – or at least don’t leave plot holes! Given how much hype was dedicated to the first movie, I recommend you see this one, too (unless you didn’t understand anything like me)

And that concludes, my 10 movies and shows to look forward to! I hope you take my recommendations into consideration because if you don’t…well, you pretty much wasted as much time reading them as I did writing them! So, see these movies and you most likely will not regret it! I wish to you all a very movie-eventful 2016!

Journalist: Heidi Aref