We all have different body types. There’s no doubt about that. We all also have very different dietary behaviors and preferences.That doesn’t mean there aren’t staple diets or dietary codes some choose to experiment with! Check out our list of different diets and what they’re good for before settling for your own mix:


Atkins diet:

The Atkins diet is a low – carbohydrate diet that is usually recommended for weight loss. You can eat any source of protein or fat, but the only exception is you can’t eat food high in carbs. A high protein diet has been proven to be very effective in weight loss

Vegan diet:

Vegan diet is a plant based diet, which only consists of organic foods, not including any type of meats, eggs, and dairy products. Processed food also contain small amounts of chemicals that can harm your body so vegans tend to steer away from them. It is considered the kindest and the healthiest diet in the world, as the people who become vegan are usually against animal cruelty. It is known to cure chronic diseases and shed body fat.

Vegetarian diet:

A Vegetarian is also a plant based diet, but they don’t cut honey, eggs, or dairy from their diet. It is also known to have health benefits such as reducing your rate of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

Raw Food diet:

A Raw food diet involves consuming foods and drinks that have not been processed, plant based and if so organic. At least three quarters of your food should be raw, and not cooked in any shape or form. This diet is also considered a kind of vegan diet, as it also has the same benefits.

That is all I have for you this week, hope you take these healthy diets in mind, if you plan to go on a health journey. Make sure to read my fellow peers’ wonderful work!

Journalist: Susan Yassin