If you haven’t already listened to the indie rock magic that is Florence Welch’s new album, then you most definitely should. Even if you aren’t into indie rock, you should still listen to this album. How Big How Blue How Beautiful is nothing short of Florence + the Machine’s impeccable reputation. I cannot say that it holds the same mystery and allure of Ceremonials. However, I can say that the album shows a newflorence sense of self-awareness to Florence that we can all relate to. Although she still speaks to us through metaphors and imagery, we get the sense that this new album is infinitely more personal than Ceremonials, which although is an incredible album, speaks to us of devils and exorcisms. My favorite tracks in the album have to be “As Far As I Could Get”, “Long and Lost”, “Queen of Peace”, “What Kind of Man”, “St. Jude”, and “How Big How Blue How Beautiful”. These tracks not only show a new sense of vulnerability to Florence but are also rich in figurative language.

Florence Welch once said that she doesn’t want to be a personality, instead, she wants to be a musician. We cannot deny that she is anything short of that. Yet, she has become a musician that speaks to us with words of self-awareness and growth. I recommend this album to anyone and everyone.

Journalist: Yosr Abdel Bary