It’s as if time stopped when she stares into those malicious green eyes. No, not the beautifully captivating kind of green; they’re the dark, evil, poisonous green; the eyes of a monster. Her heart skips a beat, and suddenly her frozen mind goes into action. Instinctively, her legs scramble to carry her body across the uneven stony road. Her heart is beating erratically, tears streaming freely down her face like an endless rainstorm. That’s what she is in this moment: a dark storm of confusion, rage, and fear. Leaving behind in her frantic escape, a blurred vision of a once innocent young girl. Ominous footsteps echo piercingly behind her, running after her and enclosing her only escape. It is as if the world has chosen to conspire against her. That unexpected bump in the road, lying in her path; the bump that is by far the most revolting object she ever laid eyes on. That’s all it takes for her fate to turn a complete 180 degrees. Right there, she was aware of the consequences. Her last pure chapter and everything she has built was fading into thin shreds.  Tripping over the hurdle, she falls on the cement road and is quickly attacked from the other side by the abrasive, demon of a man. No longer is she the girl with that once innocent and warm smile that stretched from eye to eye. No longer is she the girl who is able to expose the once melodic sound of laughter, the sound that had people falling to their knees after listening to its mind blowing quality.  She is now the girl that has to cover her wrists with 17 bracelets; she is now the girl that is more familiar with the color red than her own smile. She’s the girl who wears voluminous clothes, the girl who conceals herself from every male. She withholds all kind of emotion behind the towering and imprisoning walls built around her heart. She was a girl who used to savor every breath but now regrets every heartbeat.

Malak Maree