What do the doctors of Egypt have to say about this virus? How does this reveal the people’s health in Egypt? What will happen to our country when mosquitos carrying the virus spread? Where is the virus spreading now? The virus we are talking about is the “Zika”. Zika comes mostly to pregnant woman and effects their babies. The symptoms are joint pain, rash, red eyes, muscle pain and headaches. The virus is spreading in areas of America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands.The virus hasn’t reached Egypt but it is reported that some mosquitos that contain the Zika virus were found in El-Minya and Assuit. This kind of mosquito is known as the Yellow Fever Mosquitos. “We have a few of these Mosquitos in Egypt. We don’t have any Zika cases because the mosquito must first bite an infected person, then bite a healthy person to transfer the disease to him. We don’t have this infected person in Egypt,” Dr.Khaled Megahed said. There is no vaccine to take to prevent the Zika. There are treatments for the virus like making sure to not get dehydrated and getting plenty of rest. Hopefully our doctors will tell us what to do if this virus starts occurring in Egypt. 

Nada Ali