February 14, a “special” day where people express their love to that special someone. But, why does valentines have to be all about a partner, why can’t it be love towards your friends or families? I can promise you I’ve loved my friends and family more than any other boy In my life. Why can’t I have a day to celebrate them and express my love towards them? Honestly, Valentine’s just proves to me how much I love my friends. Being single (as always), eating chocolate together, watching movies, going out.. Etc is what really makes this day special, because I get the privilege of spending it with the people I love. Valentine’s doesn’t have to make you girls depressed, on the contraire, It should remind you of how beautiful your life is.  And for you other lovey dovies who have a special someone, why don’t you think of doing something new than just going on a cliche dinner date. Why don’t you plan an adventure or a roadtrip or something spontaneous that’ll remind you why you love him/her. I honestly hope you all enjoy this day, single or NOT.